Porcelain Veneers

There were times when people instantly linked the word cosmetic dentistry with one single procedure: braces.

Nowa­days there is a wide vari­ety of treat­ments and meth­ods that den­tists can use to enhance a per­son­’s smile. Cos­met­ic veneers have real­ly gained in pop­u­lar­i­ty over the last few years, and recent­ly came to evolve into a ver­i­ta­ble art form. Cos­met­ic veneers are usu­al­ly sought by patients who have dis­coloured stained, chipped or uneven teeth. Place­ment of den­tal veneers requires the artistry, pre­ci­sion and skill of a tal­ent­ed cos­met­ic den­tist.

Porce­lain Veneers are thin lam­i­nates of porce­lain which are bond­ed to the sur­face of a tooth. They are prob­a­bly the most aes­thet­ic means for enhanc­ing your smile and are cus­tomised to fit your indi­vid­ual tooth shape and size.

Porce­lain Veneers are the ulti­mate restora­tion for;

  • Revi­tal­is­ing the sur­face of a tooth
  • Con­ceal­ing chips
  • Cov­er­ing stains or dis­coloura­tion
  • Clos­ing gaps between teeth
  • Mask­ing mis­aligned teeth
  • Coat­ing wear and tear
  • As an alter­na­tive to Ortho­don­tic treat­ment

One of our main goals is to cre­ate crowns and veneers that look like nat­ur­al teeth. To achieve this, a num­ber of fac­tors are con­sid­ered such as the colour, occlu­sion, shape and length of both your nat­ur­al teeth and the arti­fi­cial crown. Any one of these fac­tors alone can sig­nif­i­cant­ly affect your appear­ance. A num­ber of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als can be used to pro­duce a crown, and these will be dis­cussed with you at the time of treat­ment plan­ning.

If you have a cer­tain look in mind for your crown, dis­cuss it with us at your ini­tial appoint­ment. When the pro­ce­dure is com­plete, your teeth may not only be stronger but they may trans­form your smile and facial appear­ance!

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